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WNO#: 13
Type: Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers
Model: EBW-100
Max BTU: 100,000
Firebox Vol: 5 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 21 inches
Water Vol: 28 gallons
Weight: 1440 lb.
Efficiency: 87%
Country Manufactured: USA
Testing/Listing: ?
Emissions: ?
Data Source:
Manual: ECONOBURN EBW-100 Manual
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wood boiler reviews ECONOBURN Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers 5 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.


Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 100,000
Rating: 4 wood boiler reviews
Review:I don't own one of these but have read a lot about them and know others that do own them. Had the Econoburn been available when I was choosing a boiler years ago, I likely would have chosen it instead. I run a Tarm and I am very happy with it though. The things I like about the Econoburn are that it is built solid, utilizes simple parts and controls that are readily available anywhere, and that it is made in the USA. Much of the gasification boiler technology was developed in Europe and was available there before in the US. I like that we now have a solid gasification boiler manufacturer in the US that is willing to stand solidly behind their product. From what I have heard the customer service has been excellent.

Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 100,000
Rating: 5 wood boiler reviews
Review:(EBW-150) Prior to my Econoburn, I've burned wood for years in a number of heating devices. The Econoburn is extremely robust in design and construction. Everything from the thickness of the metal to the sturdy/ secure door hinges (with detent latches using sealed cartridge ball bearings) to industrial-grade components for the air blower and electrical controls exudes a level of quality generally not found in products outside of commercial applications. My unit makes impressive amounts of heat per unit of wood fuel burned-- and no visible smoke after start-up-- with any decent wood that I've fed it. Once I got the knack of running a gasification boiler (which is a new set of skills even for an experienced wood-burner) I've been able to light it quickly, reliably, and easily. The manufacturer has been very responsive to any questions that I've presented. The installation/operation manual could be better, especially for installers or end-users who are new to efficient wood boilers. The unit comes packed with a circulator that, combined with the boiler's controls, circulate water only through a 'near boiler loop' until the unit is up to temperatures where it can efficiently and reliably deliver heat to a load. This system _may_ allow you to not use a tempering valve (expensive) as is normally needed with indoor wood gasifiers-- _but_ if you are trying to deliver heat into a high-thermal-mass load such as a heat storage unit, you should plan on some means of regulating the flow/temperature of the water returning to the boiler.

Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 100,000
Rating: 5 wood boiler reviews
Review:I have install over 20 wood gasifiation boiler since last year from 1 million btu\'s to 100,000 btu\'s and must say That Econoburn boilers are best. Yesterday took in 1 500,000 and 3 smaller ones and waiting on 12 more that are in production. Must say Alternative Engerys Econoburn Boilers are the best and the factory services is 2nd to none

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