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WNO#: 16
Type: Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers
Brand: GARN
Model: WHS-2000
Max BTU: 425,000
Firebox Vol: 12 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 40 inches
Water Vol: 1825 gallons
Weight: 3980 lb.
Efficiency: 97%
Country Manufactured: USA
Testing/Listing: ?
Emissions: ?
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wood boiler reviews GARN Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 425,000
Rating: 4 wood boiler reviews
The Garn is a boiler and heat storage all in one. It is a large unit and requires its own structure and lines buried to the building(s) it is heating. I don't own one, but from what I have read from those that do, here are the pros and cons of this unit:

-As opposed to the down draft gasification boilers, the Garns fan pulls the air through the burn chamber and heat exchanger tubes. The long length of the these tubes gives the boiler a very high efficiency. This also allows for smoke free loading.
-The integrated storage eliminates the need for expensive controls to transfer heat. A timer for the draft fan is one of the only controls required.
-Can burn slightly larger wood lengths and rounds than some other gasification boilers.

-A high upfront cost. It is comparable to buying other comercial boilers and storage, but can be more than buying a boiler and making your own storage.
-If allowed to get too low in temp, would require a long burn cycle before heat would be available. If run correctly this should not be an issue, but boilers with seperate storage would be able to produce usable heat more quickly.
-Requires its own structure due to the size of the unit.

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