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WNO#: 36
Type: Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers
Model: E500
Max BTU: 500,000
Firebox Vol: 0 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 0 inches
Water Vol: 210 gallons
Weight: 4500 lb.
Efficiency: 85%
Country Manufactured: USA
Testing/Listing: ?
Emissions: ?
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wood boiler reviews WOOD GUN Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 500,000
Rating: 4 wood boiler reviews
Review:The WoodGun boiler from AHS is a time tested design and one of the few boilers available with the ASME H stamp required by some states (Econoburn being the other). My application is heating a 2000 sq ft home in MA. The boiler is connected with an 820 gallon unpressurized American Solartechnics thermal storage tank. The boiler is fired once a day for 4-5 hours to make heat for the following day. Average wood usage has been 3.8 cu Ft per day, or a little under a cord a month during the coldest weather. On milder days (40+ degree daytime) it is only fired every other day. It is supplying a bit over 300K BTU's per day with each firing. Likes: - Built like a battleship, very rugged and safe. - Large wood capacity allows entire burn with 1 reload 1/2 way through. - Complete shut-down of fire when up to temperature, no smoldering fire. - Can be run without storage due to large thermal mass (80 gallons water + 1650 lbs of boiler). - Fairly economical use of wood, using less than expected. - Easy to clean. Self cleaning heat exchanger is exceptionally effective. Very low stack temps. Could improve: - Boiler would be better with an insulated front and rear door to reduce heat loss. - Variable speed draft fan. Factory set fan speed is a bit too strong for burning very well seasoned hardwood. - No dedicated secondary air in this design. Loading the wood towards the front allows some fresh air to mix with the un-burned wood gasses. Some loading patterns yield smoke and poor results. There is a slight learning curve.

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