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WNO#: 37
Type: Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers
Model: E1000
Max BTU: 1,000,000
Firebox Vol: 0 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 0 inches
Water Vol: 435 gallons
Weight: 9000 lb.
Efficiency: 85%
Country Manufactured: USA
Testing/Listing: ?
Emissions: ?
Data Source:
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wood boiler reviews WOOD GUN Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers 5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.


Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 1,000,000
Rating: 4 wood boiler reviews
Review:The WoodGun boiler from AHS is a time tested design and one of the few boilers available with the ASME H stamp required by some states (Econoburn being the other). My application is heating a 2000 sq ft home in MA. The boiler is connected with an 820 gallon unpressurized American Solartechnics thermal storage tank. The boiler is fired once a day for 4-5 hours to make heat for the following day. Average wood usage has been 3.8 cu Ft per day, or a little under a cord a month during the coldest weather. On milder days (40+ degree daytime) it is only fired every other day. It is supplying a bit over 300K BTU's per day with each firing. Likes: - Built like a battleship, very rugged and safe. - Large wood capacity allows entire burn with 1 reload 1/2 way through. - Complete shut-down of fire when up to temperature, no smoldering fire. - Can be run without storage due to large thermal mass (80 gallons water + 1650 lbs of boiler). - Fairly economical use of wood, using less than expected. - Easy to clean. Self cleaning heat exchanger is exceptionally effective. Very low stack temps. Could improve: - Boiler would be better with an insulated front and rear door to reduce heat loss. - Variable speed draft fan. Factory set fan speed is a bit too strong for burning very well seasoned hardwood. - No dedicated secondary air in this design. Loading the wood towards the front allows some fresh air to mix with the un-burned wood gasses. Some loading patterns yield smoke and poor results. There is a slight learning curve.

Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 1,000,000
Rating: 5 wood boiler reviews
Review:This guy above my review says he's heating 2000 square feet with a boiler designed to heat 20,000. Thats insane and there is no way to efficiently utilize the boiler as it was designed. He would have been better off not spending 25,000 bucks on a severely over sized boiler, saving himself 15,000 bucks, and installing a 5000 gallon storage tank instead of the small tank. Then he could have more efficiently burned the wood at a proper operating temp, getting 80-90% of the energy out of the wood and emitting lower emissions. (thats the whole point of this venture unless I'm confused). Unless you made a mistake and are heating 20,000 square feet, your use of this size boiler will never be effective unless you install that water tank. Good luck!

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