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WNO#: 48
Type: Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers
Model: 80
Max BTU: 300,000
Firebox Vol: 15 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 30 inches
Water Vol: 68 gallons
Weight: 2100 lb.
Efficiency: 91%
Country Manufactured: Europe
Testing/Listing: European Standard EN 303-
Data Source: New Horizon
Manual: BIOMASS 80 Manual
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wood boiler reviews BIOMASS Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers 4 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


Description:Indoor Gasification Wood Boilers - BTU: 300,000
Rating: 4 wood boiler reviews
Review:I do not own one of these boilers, but have been intrigued by what I have read about them. There are two features that are a little different about the Biomass boilers. 1. It has two draft fans. One is on the exhaust pulling the air through the heat exchange tubes which adds negative pressure making it smoke free for loading. The other is a blower located in the front of the unit near the bottom of the burn chamber. 2. It is designed to burn seasoned wood, corn cobs with kernals, 50% of coal, saw dust, wood chips (50%), or any kind of pellets. Other than the above features it seems to resemble other gasification boilers in function and installation.

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