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WNO#: 74
Type: Outdoor (non-gasification) Wood Boilers
Model: CL 5648
Max BTU: 5,000
Firebox Vol: 0 cub. ft.
Max Wood Length: 4 inches
Water Vol: 385 gallons
Weight: 2300 lb.
Efficiency: 70%
Country Manufactured: USA
Data Source: sales slip
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wood boiler reviews CENTRAL BOILER Outdoor (non-gasification) Wood Boilers 1 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.


Description:Outdoor (non-gasification) Wood Boilers - BTU: 5,000
Rating: 1 wood boiler reviews
Review:I bought this model from a local dealer for total set up cost of around $9,000. At six years the firebox startd to rust and after several calls to the manufacturer they agreed to repair it. The warranty did not pay for labor just parts, however, we could not pick the welder to repair it. The welder they selected had to come back three times to fix the problem. We paid $600 for the repairs with a 75% warranty. The next year the firebox rusted so badly that it could not be repaired on site. After several calls to central boiler they finally came to look at the stove and advised it would need to be shipped to Minesota. Although still under 75% warranty the minimum cost was $3500 and the manufacturer could decide how they would repair the damage. They could replace the inside or weld the many holes. Once returned, the stove would then be under no warranty although we have not owned it for 10 years. When asked about trading the stove in, they would only trade us for a new efficiency stove and take $1,000 off the $10,000 price tag. We will never deal with Central Boiler again and know several others who own stoves from other manufacturers who have not experienced this level of difficulty.

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