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Indoor (non-gasification) Pellet Boilers

Gasification wood boilers are cleaner burning and operate at a higher efficiency than traditional wood boilers. In recent years many traditional wood boilers (especially OWBs) have come under fire for the high particulate matter they emit. Gasification is a process where the emissions (wood gasses) are burned in a secondary burn chamber at a very high temperature (2000°+). This reduces the amount of ash, particulate matter, and carbon released as emissions. Gasification wood boilers typically operate at 85%+ efficiency and would exceed current EPA testing standards (although few of these have actually undergone EPA testing). These boilers typically will burn 1/2 the amount of wood than a traditional wood boiler, saving you time, labor, and money. There are a few boilers that utilize a design that yeilds high efficiency by capturing more of the heat from the emissions by passing them through long heat exchange tubes, but are technically not true gassifying boilers. These boilers are included in this portion of the database to allow users to compare them with other high efficiency boilers. Also, many of the indoor gasification boilers will operate better with the use of heat storage.

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