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This is the predecessor website to the one you are viewing now. It contains documentation about my heating system, my DIY heat storage project, and my homebrew arduino heating controller.


A very informative site with lots of information on wood stoves and fireplaces and some great forums where you can discuss and troubleshoot everything to do with wood burning appliances.

Outdoor Wood Boilers – New Emissions Test Data and Future Trends

Outdoor Wood Boiler (OWB) Particulate Matter (PM) emissions were measured with EPA
Method 5G in 48 tests done in 2005/2006. The average of the test results are within 10% of the results
from eight EPA tests on two OWBs done in 1995. A comparison of the OWB test data to EPA tests of
certified woodstoves as actually used by residential owners show that: 1) current OWB PM emissions
are in the same range as certified woodstove emissions on a g/kg or lb/MMBtu basis and average 22 to
25 percent higher, and 2) operation of an OWB, which has a larger firebox than a woodstove, at a
reduced firing rate approximating that of a woodstove does not produce high emissions. A comparison
of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) data reveals OWB emission rates are similar to, and lower
than PAH emission rates for certified woodstoves. Mass emissions from the OWB tests were analyzed
with dispersion modeling and the results demonstrate a properly installed OWB can operate year-round
next to a residence and fully comply with the new PM2.5 air quality standards. OWB manufacturers
have worked with EPA to develop a voluntary Outdoor Wood-fired Heater (OWH) Program with a
Phase 1 emissions target of 0.6 lb/MMBtu, representing a 60% PM emissions reduction. The Program
uses EPA Draft Method 28-OWHH that incorporates EPA Method 5G. The Phase 1 emissions goal is
more stringent than the current NSPS for non-catalytic woodstoves. Manufacturers will offer OWH
Phase 1 Qualified Models later in 2007, and those units will have lower emissions, lb/MMBtu basis,
than certified woodstoves and OWBs now in use.

Garn Blog

A blog that chronicles a Garn installation.

My Garn Adventure

A blog chronicling Garn install currently underway!

Eko Wood Boiler Blog

A blog that shows an Eko installed with pressurized heat storage. The storage consists of several old propane tanks. Very interesting install.


The purpose of this site is to chronicle and share experience in developing a domestic wood boiler / solar heating system. The hope is that this might evolve into a helpful resource for others who are undertaking similar projects.

Video about Gasification and Corrosion

This video explains why a layer of tar forms inside the firebox of gasification wood boilers. It also states that this layer of tar actually protects the firebox from corrosion and that excessive idling of the boiler prevents this tar from forming and can lead to corrosion problems in the firebox.

Heat Loss Calculator

This calculator will provide an estimate of the heat loss for your home.
It estimates the following:
- The maximum heat loss in BTU/hr for a coldest day (helpful for furnace sizing)
- The total yearly heat loss in millions of BTU.
- The total yearly cost for fuel.
- The total ten year cost for fuel (with 10% fuel price inflation per year).
- The number of lbs of CO2 gas emissions for heating your house.


Wood Heat Organization Inc., a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.

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